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    Honey Benefits

   Cats, Dogs, Birds
       and Horses

Check with your Veternarian about using homeopathic or supplements

If your horse has prior diabetes or is overweight please contact your veternarian

              1 to 2 Tabl. Raw Honey per day ----- 1 oz Bee Pollen per day


Raw Honey  is great for horses with hay fever/ allergies.  A sign that your horse may have hay fever is head shaking. Raw Honey is one of the main products found in commercial horse treats.

Bee Pollen is a natural food which is safe and very beneficial to horses. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in bee pollen can help ulcers caused by lack of grazing, builds and improve muscles, reduce stress, improves hooves and coat, maintain a healthy blood count, helps in breeding and the digestive system. 

Dogs and Cats should be introduced to Bee Pollen slowly,  Start of with a few granules in their food the first day. Slowly increase dosage over the next few days   

1 teas. pollen granules for every #50 for Dogs and 1/2 teas. for cats.

Add honey to water or food.  1 Tabl  for large dogs and 1 teas. for small dogs


Raw Honey is very beneficial for dogs and cats. Helps with Gastrointestinal Problems, Allergies, Eye Infections, Digestion, Burns and Wounds. Puppies should not have any amounts of honey because their immune system aren't fully developed

Bee Pollen  is used by many breeders for health pregnancies of cats and dogs, for obedience and coursing dogs, and for show dogs. Allergies to pollen are quite rare in dogs, and other animals but Bee Pollen has shown to help.

For song birds, mix a little Bee Pollen with rape, sunflower pieces and thistle seed.  No more then once a week in small amounts is ok. Young birds need to stay quiet, so do not overfeed young birds with Bee Pollen until their bodies are fully developed because it could ruin their ability to sing later. Once they are developed you can sprinkle 

               1 teas. over fruits, vegetables, soaked seeds or other soft foods

     Honey and Bee Pollen are amazing products for animals.  Besides having nutrients Raw Honey is great for healing wounds.  Taken internally it has many sources of nutrients, such as Vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E and K, plus minerals and calcium, magnesium and more. It fights infections and allergies and even helps with their digestive problems.  Bee Pollen is good for breeding and consistently helps improve fertility rate. also makes your animals stronger, gives them more stamina and improves their levels of performance.


Raw Honey is not good for Backyard Birds. Do not add honey to any nectors, suet cakes recipes. Adding honey can harbor bacteria and grow mold that can be fatal to them.

Bee Pollen makes the plunge of birds fuller and more vivid in color. It is also a beneficial treatment for the problems of birds plucking their own feathers. The yellow pigment  helps in the coloring of yellow feathers, because of that reason refrain from giving to red ground potential birds.  Bee Pollen is a strong song stimulator.


Trim hair around the burned area and wash with vinegar.  Apply a generous amount of Raw Honey over the affected area, let sit for about 10 minutes uncovered.  Repeat until pain has subside, then cover with a dressing.


Mix equal parts of Raw Honey and apple cider, and dilute with water. Aids in digestion and ease inflammation.

                  Eye Infections

Mix equal parts of Raw Honey and water. Use as a lotion or eye wash for conjunctivitis (eye infections)

      Gastrointestinal Problems

The antibacterial properties that are in Raw Honey help in these problems.


Give your cat or dog Raw Honey twice a day if they are affected by seasonal allergies. For every 10# give 1 teaspoon

Internal Use


Place Raw Honey directly on any minor cuts, scratches, ect.  Leave uncovered for at least 20 minutes if possible.

External Use