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Propolis Tincture


     Benefits of Using Propolis


Acne- Dab propolis directly on the pimple (do a test first to see if your skin reacts) and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse off and dry.

Canker Sores - apply a drop of propolis directly on the canker sore 2-3 times per day, most people experience quick relief.

Cavities - placing propolis directly on the cavity a few times a day can relief pain.

Warts - apply 2 drops on wart and immediately cover with cotton cloth and a band-aid. Once in the morning and then again at night. You may notice a brownish/black discoloration around the wart, this is just the propolis staining the skin and will disappear after usage is stopped. Roughly 2 weeks to disappear

Strengthen Immune System - Take about 20 drops of propolis in a teaspoon of sugar or add too honey, juice, milk or water, Varies according to strength of propolis. 

Fight Infections of a Flu or Cold - Take when first signs of infection appear such as headache, sore throat, sensitive running eyes, runny nose, chills, slight fever or lethargic. Advised to take 15 drops every few hours until symptoms subside.Check with your Health Provider.

Mouth Sores, Tooth Plaque or Decay and General Hygiene - Rinse or Gargle 2 teaspoons of propolis in a glass of warm water.

   Usage and Dosage

​​​1.  Supports General Immune System - stimulates the immune system      and raises the body's natural resistance and suppresses harmful

     bacteria and infections. Can help fight against urinary infections

     and many other health issues.

2.  Acne - May improve skin and reduce breakouts both inside

     internal and external

3.  Improves Energy 

4.  Parasites - tests show that those who took propolis experienced 52

     to 60 percent rate of successful elimination of the parasite


5.  Canker Sores 

6   Endometriosis - studies show that women with endometriosis took

     propolis to increase fertility. Pregnancy success rate was 60%

7.  Cavities - can cut cavity rates up to 60% and helps the enzymes

     that cause dental plaque.

8.  Genital Herpes - may decrease the severity of an outbreak and help

      heal faster. Check with your health provider before using.

9.   Bone Disease - builds and maintains healthy bone tissue. A very

      powerful compound found in propolis, could halt or reverse

      osteolytic bone disease.

10. Boosts Prostate Cancer Cells Death - studies appear to show that

      propolis prevents and suppresses this type of cancer.

11. Allergies - calms symptoms of seasonal allergies. Can be taken

      with Bee Pollen.

12. Cataracts

13. Burns, Scalds and Ulcers of the Skin

14. Kills Colon Cancer Cells - studies show that Propolis can cause

      the cancer cells to die by necrosis, which causes just the cancer

      cells to die not the healthy living cells.

15. May help Food Poisening

16. Heat Stress & Athlectic Performance - the antioxidant found in

      Propolis may be able to protect athletics from overheating.

17. Heal Warts

18. Lowers Blood Pressure

Propolis does not have any noted side effects and is very safe, but you should test yourself if your unsure. You can test yourself by applying 1 drop of propolis to your forearm and wait several hours to see if a reaction occurs, such as itching, spots, redness ect.. If so discontinue using.

​Propolis stimulates the immune system so it is not recommended to take it for more then 3 consecutive weeks, Your advised to take at least one week off every 3 weeks.

Can be used by both Adults and Children (not under the age of 1). 

Before giving it to children please consult your health provider.

        Propolis which is better known as "Bee Glue" has been applied to wounds to fight infection for more then 2,300 years. It is rich in amino acids, bioflavonoids ( powerful antioxidants with great health benefits to immune system and help in healthy red blood cells), minerals and vitamins. Propolis has antiseptic properties 

1 oz. - $16.00

What is Propolis ?

Bees create propolis from the resin of trees. The resin is transformed into a very sticky  antimicrobial mixture by blending in wax flakes and then storing it in the glands of his abdomen. Afterwards he forms the resin in a ball shape and places it in the pollen basket on his leg.                                                                       

He continues to add more until the basket is full, which

he then takes back to the hive to use to patch up holes

to block out intruders and prevent outbreaks of viruses

and bacteria and also disinfects the hive.

           Who Can Benefit By Using Propolis ?