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2 oz. Royal Jelly



Benefits for Using Royal Jelly

Store Royal Jelly in freezer or refrigerator.   (MUST BE KEPT COLD)

-  Fresh Royal Jelly is quite bitter and has a strong taste, so I suggest you

    mix it in some honey, jam or even a smoothie.

-  Test yourself to insure that you are not allergic to royal jelly.

-  Be careful on the amount that you are taken. Start with 1/16 teas. to 1/8

    teas.for the first week,  then move up to 1/4 teas and then up to a 1/2

    teas. a day. Side effects can happen if you don't follow protocol, such

    as eczema, rash, cough, lightheadedness, increased heart rate, stomach

    distress/nausea and G.I. tract issues.


1.   Enhance Immunity

2.   Prevent arthritis and multiple sclerosis

3.   Stimulate growth

4.   Slow the signs of aging

5.   Improve hair growth

6.   Improve sexual performance

7.   Reduce symptoms of menopause

8.   Heal bone fractures

9.   Lower cholesterol

10. Alleviate cardiovascular ailments

11.  Remedy for liver disease, pancreatitis, insomnia,

       fatique, ulcers, and digestive & skin disorders

12. Promote longevity

13. Protect the heart by lowering triglyceride and

      lipoprotein levels

14.Can enhance testicular testosterone production

15. Restores strength and vitality

16. Improves concentration

17. Rich in nutrients

     Talk to your health provider about using any homeopathic remedies or supplements.

   * People who are allergic to bees and honey and those who have asthma can face real dangers if they take Royal Jelly. Reactions ranging from bronchial spasm, skin irritations and asthma attacks to more anaphylactic shock.

    *  Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old should refrain from using royal jelly.

        Royal Jelly is a nutritious jelly produced by worker bees and consumed by the queens exclusively throughout her life. Royal Jelly was mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote long life, to prevent the premature aging of cells and to stimulate sexual vigor. Because of the high cost, it was reserved for the nobles of the Chinese empire. Royal Jelly is found in three forms - either a capsule/tablet, a powder or in its fresh, frozen natural state. Da Buzz offers the fresh, frozen natural state which is the best way to go since none of the jelly has been dried so more valuable enzymes and nutrients remain alive and active.

Royal Jelly